Carr Engineered Equipment has been providing quality and innovative engineered equipment since 1961.  See history for full details.  The founder of Carr Engineered Equipment is Peter Carr who is a student pilot and has a passion for flying. He has successful designed and developed specialist vehicles and provides aircraft components and aircraft kits.   

Peter Carr is a founding member of the Sport Aircraft Association of Australia.

Nexus Mustang Aircraft Kits

The Nexus Mustang is a sleek two seater high performance aircraft which was designed and built by Dick Eaves.  The kit provided by Carr Engineered Equipment includes everything required to for the homebuilder to construct the airframe.  

Nexus Mustang Homepage

Full details of the Nexus Mustang kit

News - 3 December 2007

News - 4 November 2008

More details on availability and delivery options will be provided soon.

Aircraft Components - On Order

Carr Engineered Equipment provides aircraft components on order.  Currently this includes the on going supply of sheet metal components for Gippsland Aeronautics GA8 Airvan.


Useful Links

Sport Aircraft Association of Australia

Civil Aviation Safety Authority

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association of Australia (AOPA)


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