Performance Goals. Nexus Mustang is a 2 place tandem aircraft with generous sized seats and super performance. The prototype uses a fixed pitch propeller and is fixed gear for simple operation and lower cost.  Performance objectives were exceeded and the handling, both in the air and on the ground are delightful!



Lycoming O-360-C1A


180 @ 2700 RPM


Sensenich 72FNB S16-1-85

Wing Span

22' 2" / 6756 mm

Wing Area

91.8 sq. ft


19' 9" / 6020 mm


5' 7" / 1702 mm

Gross Weight

1,700 lbs / 770 kg

Empty Weight  

1,085 lbs / 492 kg

Interior Width  

Front 30" Aft 30" / 760 mm

C of G Limits  

15.5 to 30% MAC

Baggage Limit  

40 lbs with 2 x 170 lb pilots

Useful Load 

615 lb / 279 kg

Stall speed clean

61 kts

Stall speed flapped

55 kts



Based on C-GZVV (with fixed pitch propeller)
Top Speed:     240 MPH / 210 kts
75% Cruise:    210 MPH / 175 kts
Stall Speed (gross): 70 mph clean / 63 mph flaps down
Rate of Climb: 2,200 FPM solo 1,700 FPM gross

(a nose wheel option is also available)

"I wanted to create an airplane that utilized the best construction methods and aesthetics found on other classic designs.   Nexus means a connected group or series - this aircraft has a connection with many homebuilt types!"
                                 Dick Eaves


The Designer.  Nexus Mustang was created by Richard (Dick) Eaves of London, Ontario, Canada.  Dick built many of the classic homebuilt designs starting in 1962 with a Baby Ace and more recently a Midget Mustang (which won a Bronze Lindy Award at Oshkosh 2000).  Dick is a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Canadian equivalent to an A&P) with over 25 years of experience repairing all sorts of light aircraft.


The Inspiration.  After Oshkosh 2000, Dick was ready for a new project. What he wanted to build next was a scratch built 2 place tandem aircraft that was similar to the Midget Mustang. Dick didn't find what he was looking for so he decided to design his own. Having seen how other aircraft of similar construction and specification were made, Dick borrowed upon his years of homebuilding experience to create Nexus Mustang.


The Kit. The Carr kit for the NEXUS MUSTANG provides all the material and hardware required to build the airframe, but not the engine, propeller, instruments, avionics, electrics, upholstery and paint.  The parts provided vary from enough rough cut raw material to make a part to complete formed and pilot drilled components.  This obviates the necessity for the homebuilder to make or acquire specialized and expensive tooling, but leaves him or her enough work to enjoy constructing his or her own aircraft, as well as complying with the 51% minimum work by the kit builder.

The kit may be purchased all at once, or in stages to spread the cost over the construction period.  Purchasing all at once cuts down on crating and shipping costs.  Purchasing in stages spreads the cost, but will increase shipping charges slightly.  Kits may be picked up from the factory personally, which will produce  some savings in the crating charges, but not much as you do need a crate to store the unfinished components.




Sub Kits.   The sub kits can be purchased together or in sequence.  The recommended order of purchase is:
  • Fuselage tailcone sub kit.
  • Stabilizer and fin sub kit.
  • Control surfaces sub kit.
  • Front fuselage and wing center section sub kit.
  • Wing outer panel sub kit.
  • Fit out sub kit.
  • Cowls, fairings and canopy sub kit.

Quick build components, including wing spars and rear fuselage, are available on request. 




Components and Prices - NEXUS Mustang Kit
  • Study plans ( Half scale)                       $ 120   + G.S.T. if bought in Australia
  • Full size plans and builders manual        $  480  + G.S.T.
  • Both plans and manual                          $  560 +  G.S.T.
  • Nexus airframe kit complete                  $ 19,500  + G.S.T.  Prices for sub kits available on request.

Prices are in Australian dollars and include crating, but not shipping.  




Sub Kits - Contents.
Fuselage Tailcone sub kit Bulkheads formed, skin flat, tailwheel bracket welded, stabilizer attach brackets formed.

Note. Outer wing skins and fuselage longerons are included in this first kit to save crating costs later.  The major portion of hardware ( nuts, bolts, pipe fittings, rivets) are included in this first kit for convenience of use in later stages.

Stabilizer and fin sub kit Spars, ribs, skins flat, bearing brackets.
Control surfaces sub kit Spars, ribs, skins flat, bearings, mass balances.

Note. Fiberglass tips and rudder bottom are supplied in the Cowl faring sub kit.

Front fuselage and wing center section sub kit Firewall, frames, fuselage skins flat, spar extrusions bent, spar webs, wing ribs, wing skins, wing attach fittings, landing gear mounts, legs.

Note. As wheels are not supplied at this stage to defer cost, casters  to attach to legs are provided  for convenience of handling in workshop.  Fuselage longeron angles will have been shipped in fuselage tailcone kit.

Wing outer panel sub kit Spar channel, capstrips, heat treated steel attach fittings, fuel filler neck and caps, skins flat.

Note. Skins will have been shipped in fuselage tailcone kit.

Cowls and fairings sub kit (fiberglass) Spinner, upper engine cowl, lower engine cowl, wheel fairings, wing tips, stabilizer tips, rudder bottom, canopy perspex formed.
Fit out kit
Controls and linkages, push pull rods and rudder cables, Heim rod ends, engine mount.
Not Included in sub kits The following items are not included in sub kits: wheels, brakes, tires, axles, engine, propeller, spacer, instruments, avionics, electrics, actuators, lights, paint and upholstery;



Kit price is the same whether purchased all at once or in stages. But there will be some economies in crating or transporting .  Kits may be picked up personally from the factory if desired.

Any part or parts may be deleted from the sub kits if the builder feels confident in making these parts him or herself.            

Quick build kits consist of specific parts requested by the builder to be supplied assembled at an extra cost.  Delivery of quick build components can only be quoted at time of order.

Most parts have assembly holes pilot drilled in one of the two parts being joined.  Tooling holes often locate two parts obviating much measurement to locate parts together.

A tailcone assembly jig can be purchased from Carr Engineered  Equipment for $150.  This will be repurchased for $120 if in good usable condition ( which it should be)

Recommendations on tools are contained in the builders manual, but personal advice can be obtained at any time by phone or a personal visit to the factory.

The packing crate for the fuselage tailcone sub kit is the largest, 100 x 1200 x 2400.  Certain large or long components, such as fuselage longerons and wing outer panel skins are shipped in this to save the expense of crating and shipping similarly sized crate for the front fuselage and outer wing panel assemblies.

For any unanswered questions, phone or visit at any time except Sunday morning.




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