Greetings All,

News from the workshop is that almost all the tooling for the next Nexus Mustang kit is complete.  Drill and routing templates are finished.  The rubber pad pressing form blocks are finished except for the final spring back allowance.   The spring back angle, based on experience, is initially ground on the form blocks.   This is then increased after trial pressings.

Last month the first aircraft metal was cut and formed to produce the rear fuselage frames.   We will assemble a complete airframe to provide our tooling, but intend to only build kits, not complete aircraft.  

Work has started on the rear fuselage assembly jig.  This will be a vertical jog, not a horizontal one.   Three tubes from a tepee like rigid structure to which the frames will be clecoed and then skun.   

I will soon publish more photos to show the tooling and the kits.

yours sincerely

Peter Carr




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